Animal Mood



Hello. I know that we have not seen it here for a long time, but I’ll say it was justified since I didn’t make it dedicate time to my posts here like it should be.

Therefore, we will correct this in the upcoming period. As you can see, today’s post is in a completely animal mood, because the animal print of this summer season is an absolute hit. I decided to wear a long dress that really leaves me breathless. Of course, you do not have to wear this type of dress exclusively in this edition, because it is acceptable if you choose to be a beach dress.

Let’s say, a night out on the beach, a daily cocktail on the beach and you would be in the foreground without a doubt. This time, I decided to dress in a more elegant mood, so I combined it with the currently favorite EGO official heels. They really made the dress look more powerful than what it is. The tied tail is, in this case, the best option for a hairstyle, as the hairy hair would break the concept of the dress. A low tied tail gives expression of your face and dress in this case. If you are not on holiday, you are not in the coastal region, then this dress for a cocktail and a special event is an ideal option.

I dressed my dress for my special occasion and I  was feeling good about the animal mood, I have to admit. If you are not the followers of this print, I believe you would think twice in this case, because it’s a leisurely and at the same time an elegant dress. If we add that animal print, as I have already said, is the absolute hit of this season, then perhaps this is the reason to think about this print again. Since I’ve completely lost my mind for this print, I decided to buy a swimsuit in this print, belt, bag, so you will often see this print in my next post.

Write me in comments how you like this idea for a special occasion and animal print too.  I can’t wait to hear your impressions. I’ll see you soon.

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