Biker lady



Not so elegant, but so different from what you have seen so far on my blog.
Hello Everyone! It seems to me that I didn’t tell you, but in addition to elegance, casual mood sometimes I admire.

Today was the day when something really went out with my mood. Baggy jeans, sweet short top and pearls on my head and I think I’m ready. With all that I decided to combine, but you saw them, my deep Ego boots that gave the combination a special look. Otherwise, I like the beret with pearls and it makes the combination stand out in the foreground.

Though I never wear it in the same way, more precisely, I’m always wondering if I put it well, but this time I think it’s a full hit. Baggy jeans are there to emphasize casual mood and make everything look more relaxed. I don’t know how much you are a baggy jeans fan, but I have to admit that I don’t wear them so often, but as I said, sometimes I find the moment when I want them so, so here they are on me.



Whatever you combine, it’s important to keep some of the femininity you own. So, I don’t like to combine them with totally casual pieces, so that the whole combination looks somewhat messy, so I decided to combine this with a short black top and a leather jacket this time to make the impression of a biker lady stronger.

I actually wore this combination in a walk with my friends, but I’m proposing it for a more relaxed variant, not for something more formal. I hope you like this proposal of a casual outfit and I hope you can already imagine it in your release. Next time we see with new ideas. See you!


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