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Hello Everyone! I’m very excited to write to you, and today with a special occasion. Happy birthday to me! So, I’m  24 years old and that’s why it’s a complete outfit today and a feeling in a romantic tone because I feel exactly in such a way today. I was a little absent in the past days and I didn’t come to write to you, but I think this is justified on today’s occasion. And now, the important question is … What to wear for a birthday?



We always ask this question because the decision what to wear is very complicated and especially if it’s about special jubilee birthdays. This time, I admit, I didn’t much doubt, because I had a romantic look in mind, and the dress I wear absolutely corresponds to such a look.

The green color of the dress was perfectly fitted this time with the tan and color of my hair so that the overall outfit looked the same way I imagined it. Don’t forget that certain colors more or less correspond to your tan, hair color, more accurately, or don’t expire more or less those attributes. Today’s outfit responded to all the tasks and opportunities. The dress is intended mainly for young ladies and what is especially interesting and also important,  I believe, to many members of the beautiful half, it is about unrepeatable dresses.

Does this dress remind you of a dress worn by ballerina? Oh, yeah, you’re right, because it’s a bit tied to it. Otherwise, that’s what I was especially interested in this dress. I have the impression that I was brought back a few years back because I felt like a girl in her.
The creator of this young brand ‘Sorelle Castellii’ dealt with ballet. I believe it was a good inspiration for this dress. Otherwise, the dress is made from a well-known brocade material, so that my birthday dress has a 3D structure.  So, this unrepeatable dress could be your good choice in the well-known question of ours – what to wear on birthday? If you want to feel for a moment more romantic than usual, then I think you have a perfect idea for the next important opportunity. I decided to combine it with golden sandals that this time fits perfectly with the color of the dress and emphasized this sweet green color. Zara bag highlighted this classic romantic look, so I quickly gained the desired look.





Romantic curls also helped, so I really could not wait to share this look with you. You could fit this type of dress with stilettos or the sandals again and the accessories that would enhance the classic look are, for example, scarves on your head or scarves to tie a tail, because I believe that you also agree that the raised hair with this dress is the best choice. With all that, for example, a raffia cross bag and an outfit would have a different, more classic look. With the flats, flats sandals or transparent heels you can also wear this dress and you will again hold a romantic look. What do you think guys?

I hope that you liked the present-day birthday look and that you got a new idea of how to dress for a special occasion. Write to me how you get dressed for your special occasion. See you soon with new ideas! Once again, you can find this beautiful dress on this Instagram profile.

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