Black & white = old good choice



Hello Everyone! Today I will be quick, I want to share with you a new idea look. Recipe how to look simple and yet effective. Otherwise, I like to wear black and I have many black pieces in my wardrobe, which I regularly fit into my outfits because black is still a reflection of elegance and in that case, there is no mistake.

Today I wear a white blouse that has buttons on the sleeves that make it fresh and not as basic, although it is so at first glance. In addition to this, leather high waist pants perfectly accentuate the waist and follow the body line. They emphasize all the qualities, so these days they are one of my favorite pieces of clothing. I often wear them, they stand well in casual and in a more elegant or again sporty chic moment. Blazer is here for the purpose of decoration, I admit because it was warm for him, but especially I like sleeves on it, which make the blazer simple and special at the same time.



With all of this as a good contrast is a colorful floral embroidery bag and the mission is over, I’m going! And no, I forgot that ZARA flats are going to all this, which are also these days flats from which I don’t go out. Every combination looks elegant and feminine with them, and since I was more inclined today to the elegant mood, I decided that they were the ones I would wear.



I believe that you realize that this combination can be worn on a variety of occasions, it’s sleek and elegant, nice to walk, go out, have lunch with your friends, so you would not make a mistake if you decided on this type of look. Write to me how you look this present look, whether it’s useful to you. See you soon again with new ideas!


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