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Quick hello Everyone ! Today I’m especially excited to share the look I shot for NAKD- fashion. In this shot, I had to include jeans that are an absolute hit this year and I can freely call them a piece that holds the whole look at the height of the task. So let’s start !

Originally, I don’t like too many colored pants or too much embroidery, but these have shed a sigh when I first saw them. No wrong with this denim, absolutely standing with everything. With ankle boots, sandals, ballets, slippers, espadrilles or sneakers. You can imagine them with everything and really look great in any of the variants offered.





Embroidery can definitely add the cool look to your clothes and that’s what these jeans make the outfit maker! I styled them with cozy black and white sweater and I’m really in love with this sweater. It’s so soft and the design is perfect for this season and of course, it can be worn with different looks and shoes. I also recommend this sweater in a few different looks that you can check in my other posts.

The final touch is cat eye sunglasses. Oh, my God, they will become my obsession! They are so versatile and I can wear them with any outfit that will look so chic. Basically, whole my currently outfit goes from rather dressy to super casual with a simple change of shoes. I decided for Egoofficial black boots to make this look a little more sacred, yet opulent and comfortable again. For the bag, I decided to go with a small bag in a nude variant with a solid gold chain that gives a special look to this bag that goes perfectly with the jeans.
I hope I inspired you a little and you will use some of the tips if you want some kind of this look. Gotta run, see you soon!

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