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Hello Everyone! I hope you are in a good mood as I do because this time of year simply affects all of us. I’ll talk straight to the point, not to waste time, but you can see even now what it is about.

Will I have to wonder how much of the plaid trend has become my obsession? In fact, I don’t have to wonder, because the plaid trend is currently my favorite piece of clothing, whether it’s a skirt or a blazer or even a mask for the phone. So, I don’t know how much longer it will last, but in my wardrobe, that is something what I get first.

Today’s outfit is as simple as it’s enough striking since the bodysuit and jeans blend simply has to look great. Many of you asked me about this bodysuit on my Instagram profile and I’m glad you like it. It fits perfectly with jeans and there is no place for error if you decide on this combination.



In this case, Plaid Blazer served as a decoration for the entire outfit and completed the entire look in the right way. In addition, the second obsession in a row is currently ZARA flats that I adore. They are ideally matching with jeans or some other trousers, for example, vinyl trousers, jeans or also a vinyl skirt and just everything looks like a shot.

They gave the whole combination a touch of elegance that was missing in order for the current combination to look like a full hit. For a day or evening, for dating or any other similar occasion, this combination would be a good choice. Ah, yes … The beret is again here, of course, as an addition to the whole look. How do you feel today’s outfit? Write to me about your current clothing obsessions, because you already know what my current one is. I hope I didn’t bother you with a plaid trend, but as I said, it’s hard for me to resist it. See you soon with new look ideas!


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