Pearls & lush hair



Hello Everyone! So happy to write you again! I was busy in the past few days and I was not in Belgrade for some time, but here I am again! Maybe with a little delay, but surely there is a new post dedicated to the most beautiful pants right now in my closet!



I have to say that they are currently my favorite and that the pearls that are on them make me adore them! I really like that detail on them. As you know, pearls have been totally trendy this season and you could see them on blouses, skirts, sweaters, almost all of the pieces, even on accessories. They totally made our outfits interesting and at the same time sweet. I decided for another pearl piece, and that’s like you already see these black high waist NAKD jeans that you can wear with everything. When I say it, I really mean it, because they are very well aligned with elegant and casual combinations. Since I had curls for this photo shooting, I have to say that lush hair is my favorite accessory next to everyone you see this time. I like how everything looked with hair and pearls, black sandals with a not so high heel, so they are very suitable for everyday exits and hikes and are very comfortable, which I would also like to mention.

There, finally, a little comfortable shoes that look nice and doesn’t ”maltreat” your foot. The classic never goes out of fashion, so the combination of colors is black and nude. The sleeve is light and pleasant, as is the warm weather ahead, so perfectly fitted with today’s outfit. As a good constrictor, there is a colorful Zara bag that gives the whole combination of little color and freshness. I would like to wear this combination with friends or at work, because it’s light and yet very attractive, so it doesn’t deviate from my favorite activity, and that’s fashion. How do you feel pearls denim combined with wider, lightweight? I hope you like it as much as I do and you can feel the millions of combinations that can be taken. In addition to pearls, the pants model is very attractive, because it highlights the quality and hides the flaws you would not want to appear, so I love them more.



As a favorite accessor, I said at some point, today is my hair, lush and long that adorned the whole look. Guys, what is currently your favorite accessory? Soon we will write about new outfit ideas and I can’t wait to share them with you. I’ll see you soon!


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