Perfect black with perfect jeans



Hello Everyone! The weekend is here and finally nice weather! I wanted the combination to be reduced to simple colors and I decided to wear jeans with black details. I don’t know how you feel about this, but if you want something simple and yet perfectly fit, then the combination of jeans and black details is a great choice because there is no wrong way of wearing them.



My choice is definitely black deeper egoofficial boots and perfect ruffle high neck blouse. I do not know what I would describe before as necessary and obsessed. I like to wear these boots with jeans, because the leg, like the whole figure, looks much better. In addition, it refreshes a lot of outfits and completes it. In addition to being the absolute trend of this season, they are a great piece of combining, because in them you can always look a little glamorous, although the whole look is more casual. I don’t know how much you are accustomed to wearing high boots, but I must tell you that they are surprisingly comfortable with regard to the heel.

The combination is perfect for walking for a nice springtime for any meeting, because although the pieces are simply simple, together make the complete look get a chic moment. The NA-KD fashion blouse is so glossy and light that it makes every combination the right shot. I can freely say that it is in the final touch. I like to wear it with jeans, it goes perfectly with the skirt or some high waist pants, with white as a fine contrast, so this blouse is an incessant source of combinations. With all of this, of course, the beret, because you know, if you read my blog, that this season I just can not imagine an outfit without a beret. It really makes the whole outfit look succulent and more sophisticated or simply more stylish.



My ZARA torn jeans are casual or slightly glamorous depending on the shoes and the rest of the outfit. You can wear them literally with everything and in any case, you will look good in them, and you will feel just as well since they are very practical and comfortable. I adore them! What about you guys, do you like this matching of black and jeans? Happy Weekend for all of you, see you soon!

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