Plaid like a must have.



Quick hello and I can’t wait to start with my new favorite piece of clothing at this moment. How perfect is the plaid trend, right? So I want to start with this piece in my outfit and this is like you see the plaid a little bit long blazer with black buttons.

I’m literally obsessed with this piece because I see myself wearing him on every occasion. Today was somehow solemn casual mood and I decided to paired my favorite with white ankle cropped pants and boom! You can see how good contrast is made. In addition to the fact that I really love this job, I adore when it joins favorite pieces and favorite tones, like this one, for example, and then make the whole look just as much as I want. If you read my blog earlier, you know that one of my favorite colors is olive green and this time she went into my look and I adore when it happens, because in one outfit I have everything I like of colors and pieces of clothes, which makes that the whole appearance looks even better





As a favorite accessory, I also add these black glasses that make everything seem more casual, and again, as I said more ceremoniously. Otherwise, the day was sparingly warm since it was February, so Kalemegdan was full of people. On these pictures, you will have the opportunity to see how wonderful is the view from the Belgrade fortress. You can not remain indifferent to this view so much that you do not take pictures of that view. Well, let’s get back to the subject. what really proved rightly like must have is a plaid design that you would have, if you have not already, put it in your closet because it’s something that really adorns the whole look.

This was one of the examples and is currently my favorite thing, so I hope you will not mind if you see it more often in my posts.

Plaid Power has just begun, so I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to enjoy some time in it. See you soon, I can not wait to share the next story with you!

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