True classic: clutch pants



Well, I will start with this well-known sentence and that is ‘it was a love at the first sight! I literally was in that mood when I first saw these pants. I really like dark denim and these were thought like ‘I need them in my life’. I’m totally sure that you once felt the same feeling for some piece of clothing that you want to buy.




I adore that every look is more solemn and so fashion that it’s really hard for them to resist. In addition, they somehow give a romantic experience with the whole look that makes them more sophisticated and more attractive. Since the weather is still a bit cold, I decided to fit it with a pink jacket in a pastel tone which gave a more romantic look to my outfit. And of course, the hat without which I noticed that I did not go out on the street. I’m really a fan of these caps and I believe that you’ve already concluded it by now if you read my blog.





I can not just omit it when I imagine it with the whole combination because it really gives a special look to the entire outfit, so I will say that this is my absolute must have at the moment. I think I would wear it with everything. When I add gloves to it, then the look of the romantic girl is complete, so I have the impression that I walk the streets of Paris, not Belgrade. This time the Parisian mood has been a leitmotif for my outfit. I decided to wear high black boots (but not too high)in order to make the more sacred look even more appealing.

So guys, I really want to hear what about your must have at this moment? Gotta run now, see you soon with the new obsessions!

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