True sweet orange goodie.



Finally beautiful weather, finally the sun! Today, when I got up, I realized that we had a spring day in Belgrade in mid-February and I thought I was barely waiting to run out in my orange NAKD sweater. Since the day was astonishingly warm for this month, I decided to spend the day by the river in a casual street look.



Casual looks are having such a big fashion moment and it doesn’t matter how casual it looks, you can again have this strong fashion tone in full appearance. You can combine with high heels or flat footwear, but the casual look is always trendy and what is important is to feel completely cool. These look I like to call easy-to-wear or just basics on point because sometimes I want to back to basics. Although basics, it looks like a chic enough for me again. I’ve picked up things that look basics for each other, but when they come together look like a totally cool go-to combination.



First, there is the cropped length jeans with wash look and scraped socks. I’m obsessed with the high waist jeans, I think they are really necessary for our wardrobe, but aside from high-waisted I like regular waist pants and these are this denim. I can wear them with almost every piece in my closet and because of that, I love them very much, because they are very practical. For today’s look, I’ve paired them with my new goodie from NAKDfashion and this is an orange sweater with no one sleeve.

It’s so sweet and easy to combine so he could practically go with everything. For example, with any jeans, skirt or shorts, and your shoes can be combined in accordance with the rest of the outfit. In any case, you would not make mistakes if you combine it with a sweet or cool casual look. What is even more interesting is color. This orange color brings such a scared look and at the same time makes your whole look more impressible.
Of course, it’s never enough a hat, so the entire look of this outfit got a different and more sophisticated look due to the cap that emphasizes the simplest look. What is interesting is that your hair is good or does not always look better when the hat is decorated this way.





And in the end my black lacquered ankle boots I adore and which, besides being comfortable, are sweet and cool casual at the same time. They can really make the entire combination more expressive because the glossy shine makes them special. I think it really was love at first sight and I just had to make a place in my wardrobe.
I hope you get an idea for the next casual look, and now I sign off to the next sight!

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