Blush pinky mood

Hi guys! Here we go again in a new adventure, but this time a lil’ bit blush tones, so gentle as it’s today’s look.

In the last few days, snow often falls in Belgrade and it’s very difficult to plan any outfit. I like the snow, but when it becomes more frequent, I admit, I immediately look forward to the spring, so I count the days on the calendar. In the next few weeks, some trips are planned, and I can’t wait for it, because the snow is already enough for me now. However, today’s day is greatly used, because it was almost spring for a moment. Literally, spring in January. The weather was ideal, and because I thought that spring had already arrived, although this is not actually the case, I decided that my outfit looks like it’s spring already.

Life is a party. Dress like it.

All colors are blush. Hah! Actually, I only have 2 colors on my body. Blush pink and white color that fits perfectly here today. White is an absolute hit in winter. I know that usually, everyone wears dark colors during the winter, but the white color defies winter and dark weather, so I often wear it in winter to make myself feel better, although it’s pretty cold. The coat is in vintage mood and I like to return to the vintage fashion trends.

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The color of the coat is what attracted me to the coat first, I love this color, which makes me feel younger and somehow more sophisticated. It goes great with my hair color, which is another plus for this color that I often like to wear in any variation, even as some detail on the outfit. Public Desire boots of white color perfectly complicated this very blush pinky outfit. These boots are definitely my favorite at the moment in white. I have a lot of other boots, but somehow these boots, if I need white, I always choose, I always get to catch them in the wardrobe. They are very comfortable, though it may not look so, and I honestly carried them many times this season.

Would you like to write to me about how you like the vintage look? How often do you wear these colors? Do you barely wait for the spring as well as me? haha! Of course, I have to fence, because I’m not a hater of winter, I just can’t wait for the spring and a nice weather when I can wear what I want, because in winter, although beautiful, it is often limited, like all of us, to certain things that in the meantime bore us. Also, I would like to leave me a comment on how useful for you is the gallery I share with you? I can’t wait for a new story! See you soon!


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Blush pinky mood