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Hello everyone!
I finally see you with a new topic. This time I come from Budapest, the beautiful capital of Hungary, which has won my heart with beautiful architecture. I really liked the time I spent there and I can not wait to share with you some of the outfits I brought there. For starters, I want to show the favorite outfit of these 3 that you will see in the gallery.

Shooting was in a beautiful and quiet part of Budim, a part of Budapest. This part of the city is much different from the other part of the city called Pesta. This part of the city is very beautiful, filled with ancient architecture and the main sights of Hungarian architecture. I was barely waiting to visit this part of the city. I decided for a wonderful walk along Budim to wear this jumpsuit in the brick color. I don’t know how much you are fans of this color, but I adore it, and especially during the summer, because brick color specifically mentions the ten. I decided to emphasize the waist with a black belt with a wonderful buckle.

Black sandals and perspex bag perfectly go with the whole outfit. You can wear it wherever, because the jumpsuit is very pleasant, and the meter is very insignificant.

In the main part of Peste, I decided to wear a beige jumpsuit. I repeated the stroke again with a belt, in order to indicate the waist and point out the figure. It is very important that the jumpsuit has a pointed waistline in order to better highlight your figure. With this jumpsuit in beige color, I decided to wear a string bag in orange and perspex sandals, so that’s the full accent on the outfit, the jumpsuit.

Write to me also how do you like this jumpsuit? The third outfit is shooted in Belgrade, not in Budapest, but certainly not less important. Maybe it looks like the third jumpsuit, but I combined outfit pants and bodysuit from femmeluxe [/underline]that perfectly go together. Perhaps more ideal for a night out, but also if you are comfortable in this and in a daily look like me, you can wear it on almost all occasions. The hat completes this story, as well as the sandals that I have enjoyed these days. Now that I showed you all 3 outfits, I would like to hear from you which is your favorite and why would you like to wear it? I would, if I had to decide, choose the first outfit from the Budim, which is really light, beautiful and lovely fitting for a light walk.

What is important is that this jumpsuit you can wear in a casual variant also. With slippers, sneakers and some other cool belt that would indicate your waist again. Instead of a bag, a backpack or even a belt bag could be replaced, which would also replace the belt. In any event, this jumpsuit is very versatile and you can combine it as you see from the attached in an elegant variant and again casual if you prefer casual outfits. The second choice is a more elegant jumpsuit and you could not combine him with causal variants, but certainly with elegant flats instead of heels. I can not wait to hear your comments about how you like the gallery and maybe you have visited Budapest so far? Write to me your impressions, I’ll see you soon!



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  • Ivana Split
    July 5, 2019

    predivne kombinacije, imaš odličnu liniju pa ti super stoje ovi uski kombinezoni.