Classy looks are my favorite

Hi guys! And finally, I’ll see you in February. January lasted for an infinitely long time, but finally, we are close to spring and I’m so happy about it.

Today’s story will be devoted to classic dresses that I would like to wear constantly because I already told you that I’m most fond of wearing skirts or dresses. Otherwise, I rarely wear pants, because I feel more beautiful in dresses, but of course, depending on the circumstances. Today, I’m showing you a couple of dresses that you can wear on different occasions.

Cocktail party, dinner, dates… In any of these or similar occasions, you will not be wrong with this choice. My favorite of these is a wine color dress. It looks very feminine, without one sleeve that perfectly expands the curves, especially the waist. Blue dress on the other side is very stylish, feminine and for special occasions. The black dress is classic and very simple to combine. You can wear it in this elegant variant as I do today, but you can wear it for daily varieties along with flats, sandals etc.

What do you like most? I’m wondering which model has most attracted you to the eye and color? This time, the wine color dress exactly fit into the model and it is struggling with my style. Of course, I’m happy to wear them all, but let’s say I found you a favorite from the gallery you are looking at right now. In addition to dresses, I tried to choose the sandals that would harmoniously go along with the dress, emphasizing its contrast.

The color of the wine is perfectly embraced with Public Desire sandals which are golden, simple, but so beautiful that they are already my favorite. I wear them very often. With dresses, skirts, trousers as well, because they very well stretch legs and stand very well on feet. With the other two dresses, I wear Quanticlo black sandals, which are inherently satisfactory, although they are black and very nice to fit the legs and dresses that I have combined with those sandals.

I also wear them with skirts, but not with trousers that are next to the ankle, because they cover most of the sandals, but with a shorter model of mom jeans can look very attractive on the leg. I hope you like today’s gallery and it will be nice to use you in some of the ideas for your special occasion. Write me how you like it. See you soon!




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Classy looks are my favorite