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I get this excited because I wanted to share with you a few images from another trip I took recently. This was our first stay at a beautiful villa in Cyprus and we loved every minute of it! Cyprus is absolutely gorgeous and charming. We were there for one week, so we had plenty of time to enjoy on a beautiful island and explore the surrounding area.

You may have noticed that I most often wore a floral bikini as well as knitted one piece from my dear REVOLVE if you followed my stories on IG and maybe I oversaturated you a little with those bikinis because I have been wearing quite a bit of those bikinis as of late, but it is what it is. Although it is a rather trendy knitted model this season, I mean everything knitted from beachwear, but especially this one.

Personally, I love this trend because it is such a cozy and happy feeling wearing them, and today, I wanted to highlight this one trendy model. I love wearing knitted items, but this swimsuit is such a dream for the beach as well, and since knitted swimsuits are such a popular and trendy models this season, there are plenty of gorgeous knitted swimwear to choose from REVOLVE! I love the way they can be matched to create different looks.

If you’re looking for something to pair with light denim this summer, this knitted swimwear is a perfect match, because this combination of colors helps to add a bit of wow to your look.

Speaking of the wow… This floral bikini from REVOLVE is a recent discovery, I came across this bikini on REVOLVE and felt drawn to its floral esthetic and simplicity of form at the same time. This bikini has relaxed, happy vibe, which I found rather appealing.
By the way, I’m not a fan of colorful, floral models. I prefer one-color, but creative swimsuits or a smaller combination of colors, but this bikini at first glance blooms from the colors and is so striking that more girls on the beach asked where they can buy it. This bikini go perfectly with light denim, which you have the opportunity to see. Speaking of which, I’m totally in love with this shorts because it’s in great form and fits perfectly. It looks youthful, it is very practical to combine both for the beach looks, or for casual looks.

I can’t wait to wear it with another outfit, because I think it will combine wonderfully, but for now I’m showing you what it looked like in Cyprus.
Another plus why I like this bikini and shorts is the price point, because pieces from this brand on REVOLVE are incredibly well made and typically range from $30 to $130 dollars.

Hope you enjoyed this story and the things you saw. See you soon! xx


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Daughter of the sun