End of Spring, lemon and nude!

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Hello everyone! The previous 2 months have completely changed my routine, plans and everything that was agreed until then, as well as most people. The situation in the world didn’t allow for a normal way of life, but I tried not to let it affect me too much and I devoted myself to things I had not had the opportunity to do because of work and other regular things to do.

I read more and finally, I had enough time for my thoughts, but also for organizing my closet, actually more closets and doing it several times. Simply, when you are constantly at home, you have no choice but to find yourself a task, so I set myself the same task – tidying the closet several times until I was finally satisfied. I think my closet is settled for the next few months. Of course, I was amazed, as I was packing things, where did this come from, oh, look, I have this and so on, but it’s usually like that when I just put things in the closet and practically forget what I have.
Now that the situation is slowly more stable and when everything is slowly returning to normal,
I decided to share with you some interesting spring outfits, which we still have time to wear, even though summer is just around the corner.
After the quarantine was finally lifted and after we were finally able to spend our free time outside, I decided to share with you some interesting spring styles.


I can’t wait to finally get back to my standard stuff, like blog writing and outfit ideas that I’m happy to share with you. Personally, I really like oversized shirts that I wear in different ways – mostly with biker boots, sneakers, sandals, but this time we have a similar shirt model, with the shirt being well tightened at the waist, so it’s perfect for mules and you’re ready. A very simple outfit, which is ready within 1 minute as you need to put on a shirt and mule and with all this I combined a bucket bag that is a must have this and previous seasons, as well as the mules I mentioned, so that you would be in trend within minutes, and the outfit is ideal for both day and night occasions.

Lemon yellow? Oh yes, an absolute must have this spring, as well as the color lavender, but we’ll do that on another occasion.




Now we stick to the lemon yellow color which is the perfect contrast to your tanned skin, so you practically speak through this outfit: hey, look at me! It is impossible to go unnoticed in this release.

The skirt and top in this color go well with the mules and the bag from the previous outfit. You notice that these two accessories during quarantine have become my two favorite accessories right now. Yes, you will see them in future editions for sure. Uh, I could not wait for the opportunity to finally go out somewhere and wear them.

Another lemon yellow color, but this time a top with puff sleeves that you will be able to wear with many different outfits.

This time I combined it with a light blue jeans skirt and they are a perfect match. Of course, my currently favorite mules and XS bag which is also an absolute must have this and previous seasons.
Don’t ask if something can fit in it, it’s just cute and necessary.




And last but not least, an outfit that is perhaps my favorite of all in this gallery – I’ll call it a nude palette. I love this shirt! It has a pearly sheen, is slightly oversized and has puff sleeves that give it the ability to combine indefinitely. It goes perfectly with jeans, with different types of skirts, so it’s up to you to find what suits you best.
I would say that I fit it so that it goes perfectly with the whole outfit.


High waist linen shorts (a must have too) and boots just below the knee equals a great, springy outfit.
What is your favorite outfit from this gallery?

I hope that you are well and that you have found a way to fill your time in quarantine with quality and that you will be able to reconstruct some of these outfits that are closest to your personal style. I personally can’t wait to make you happy with new stories in the coming period. I’ll see you soon!


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  • Anna Mountain
    February 21, 2021

    Nice Outfits

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End of Spring, lemon and nude!