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Hi Everyone! I hope you have been wonderfully spent on Holidays and in the past weeks. I was not long on my blog, but for justified reasons, so now you can see excellent outfits for various occasions.

First I’d like to show you a leather edition that I was barely waiting to share with you. It’s about the blacktop that you can practically wear different looks (casual, elegant, attractive). This time I decided to wear it with a black long skirt with a slit in the middle that extracts the figure further and makes your legs long and alluring. Let’s go back to the blacktop briefly. You can wear it, as I said, in more ways and in each one you get to the expression, because it is really very easy to combine, and again with it, the outfit looks much better. With a long, for example, a white shirt, a t-shirt, on a classic dress, and in each of those occasions, it looks great. I will show you in this gallery a classic way with a leather high waist skirt and a t-shirt on which it is beautifully standing and which you completely enrich. Tell me how you like this top and would you wear it and which is your favorite way of wearing this top?

In addition to him, I mentioned a long leather skirt with a high waist. Otherwise, I adore everything that is high waist, because I love such a model that extracts the figure additionally and emphasizes what should be emphasized on the woman’s body, whether they are pants, skirts or shorts. You can wear it in any season.

Since summer is close, then you can wear it with various tops, shirts, and in the cold season, I imagine ideal with a sweet jumper on one shoulder and deep boots. So it is very practical and also very easy to combine. In addition to these pieces, I want to introduce you to the dress from femme luxe  I cherished the color of literally. Lemon yellow color!

This summer season lemon yellow color is absolute must-have in any variant. Whatever it is in this color is an absolute hit,
because this color of this season is a full hit. I decided for this dress that is ideal for a night out if you wear it with heels, then street style with cool sneakers (I’ll show you in some next posts), even the beach walk look. I imagine it. How do you think about this idea?

Another outfit that fits well with this “Femme edition” is black latex bottoms with a leather black top and classic t-shirt in olive color with black classic heels. These pants are everything! Do not mind me if you see them more often in some of the next outfits because they really must have. Perfectly point out long legs and make you look more handsome and more alluring. They can also be worn in different ways, but I admit that I would like to wear them with heels because they show their best edition in heels. I like the glow that they have because of which I still love the look of the legs in them. Write to me the way you like to wear them most? Today’s galleries are one of my favorites, and my favorite outfit from today’s gallery is… Hm, can you guess? Here, I’ll tell you. My favorite outfit is definitely a black top and skirt that is my favorite from today’s gallery. What outfit did you like the most and why? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. I’ll see you soon with new ideas for outfits.


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Femme edition