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Hello everyone! We are returning a street style look that is most useful to all of you and I am very glad to receive positive comments from you who read the blog and are happy to comment on daily street style.

Of course, it’s not always the same theme of look, so this time we have the right elegance, but also one totally urban look that I love by the way and one that is wonderful for one such as a lovely afternoon and or a walk with some of your loved ones. Well, let’s get started… I briefly introduced you to a gallery that you will have the opportunity to see, and I hope you find it useful and beautiful just as much as I do. I would start with elegance first, because you know that it most reflects my style, although of course I also love the casual look that you will have the opportunity to see.

Anyway I like to experiment, and if you are my blog reader then you know exactly what I am talking about. For two stylish editions, I opted for red and white. Let’s start with the white dress that is, I’ll admit, my favorite look from this gallery.
A classic white no shoulder dress, therefore, reveals your shoulders and one part of your back, above the knee with a strap that ideally accentuates your waistline and highlights the best on your shape. I decided to keep my hair relaxed, make the curls fall slightly and reveal complete femininity and make everything look harmonious. What I like most about this dress is the sandals that further emphasize the femininity of the dress, as well as my femininity that I expressed through this outfit.

Definitely one of your favorite dress! You can wear it to a business lunch, a shorter day walk, maybe even a night out, but in that case I would decided for a different type of footwear to give the dress a different touch. If you just want a look like this, then I suggest this kind of footwear selection. We are still in elegance and there is that classic combination of black and red where a woman expresses her deepest elegance and femininity. The dress is long and narrow and ideally emphasizes your attributes, so you can feel attractive, seductive and of course elegant in this dress. I decided for the same pair of shoes again as in the previous look, as I still wanted to maintain a strong elegance. Of course, you can also combine it with a different type of footwear, so you will have a different effect depending on it. Anyway I suggest this dress at an elegant dinner or some elegant cocktail.

Now let’s move on to a very sweet look for me. Otherwise, I love this top, I’ll tell you that right away because you can wear it with almost anything and it combines really well. Of course, there are the shoes again, which you will already notice are becoming my favorite and I suppose you will see them again in future blog posts. This outfit got a special look because of these shoes, you have to see it, because if you look at it with some other model of footwear (sandals, slippers, whatever you imagine) you will notice the difference, which is that it gave a special emphasis to this look that became not only cute but also totally cool. I paired the complete elegance of the shoes with an extremely simple outfit, all of which look cute and alluring.

You’d be noticed, I’m sure. So, as you can see, a classic dark denim shorts high waist that fits perfectly with a tulle top with cute tuffs in its design. I suggest a gray or neutral bra underneath so that your bra is not only noticed. What should be avoided in this top is a white bra that somehow overlaps with this top.

And finally one absolutely urban cool look that I love and I feel really cool in it! As you can see, this is a white urban dress that has particularly interesting sleeves and is above the knee. The tranch urban sneakers that are my favorite at the moment are a great match for the whole urban look and a lil oversized blazer which gives a completely real effect. The bag and cap as accessories complemented the whole look, so we ended up with a really cool and urban feel.

Now that you have many different street style ideas in the gallery, let me know which one you liked best and why? I can’t wait to read your comments. See you soon with new ideas!


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