Heels on point

Hello everyone again! In a previous blog post, we talked about how hard it is to find your ideally comfortable pair of heels, as well as how often I can’t decide if I’m heels or flats kind of person before, but I think it’s becoming clear now – heels kind of person.

I love these PD heels! They may not look like that, but they are very comfortable and make every dress to a higher level.

I don’t have to tell you that they have become my favorite choice for every festive occasion and dress. They fit very nicely with both formal dresses that you have the opportunity to see in the gallery.

You can wear them with dresses as well as with skirts or a more elegant type of pants to make your style look stronger and more beautiful.

I can’t wait to hear your impressions of how you like my new PD babies.
See ya soon! xx


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