Nude fave obsession

Hello Everyone! I’m here again with new ideas, but this time I can’t wait to show you the shoes I wear with my outfits, because it’s not easy, you’ll agree, to find a good pair of shoes that will look perfect on your foot, while being very comfortable and practical for styling. In this story, I will show you a few ways I styled my PD sandals.

I like to wear heels and I wear them very often and somehow I still can’t decide if I’m more heels kind of person or I’m more flats kind of person, but one thing is for sure – when I find my favorite pair of heels, I just don’t I let go and wear them all the time, as is the case now. At the moment, my favorite choice is PD heels which, it seems to me, I can style with everything – casual outfits, dresses, daily street style, so I wasn’t wrong when I told you that they are very practical to style and what is also important – very are comfortable.

I spent the previous few days on vacation in Montenegro and I wore them very often and I didn’t regret at all that they were my choice for day and evening walks. I chose a nude color, but you have this pair in both black and orange, so you can choose another color, but nude is currently one of my favorite colors and lately, all my outfits are mostly those shades, so PD sandals had to be in that color.

Also, you can tie them to make them look longer, and you can also tie them shorter to maybe fit in better with some other outfits. I will show you a few ways in the gallery how I styled them. My first and favorite is the daily street style and they fit perfectly with this outfit. As you can see, the whole outfit is in nude shades, and my current favorite sandals couldn’t fit better with this look.

I also wore them with a silk dress and a big hat, and they also fit perfectly with this Italian mood and evoked the dress and the whole look in the right way.

Another way I styled them is also a daily street style, but it can also be evening street style where everything is mostly oversize, and they have completed the look again.

While I was on vacation in Montenegro, I had the idea to style them with a swimsuit and they also fit great with a hat and evoke the summer style of a lady at sea.

I adore them because they beautifully express my style, so I like to grab them in my wardrobe every time I go somewhere.

Let me know which look is your favorite and where they are best styled for you.
See ya soon! xoxo



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Nude fave obsession