Parisian mood in Belgrade

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Hello everyone! I can’t wait to show you some of the stylish outfits ideas in the gallery you will see today. I already adore this blog post in advance because it seems to me that you will share the impression with me- we have one chill, a cool outfit that is great for everyday street style and all occasions where you want to be a lil cool lazy and the remaining two are: one special, breathtaking elegance in Parisan mood and another outfit is an elegance that is tailored to the daily street style you want to feel like a lady in a leisurely stroll, for example.

I will describe each of them in detail, and I will tell you by the way, though you may already guess which one is my favorite if you have been following me for a while. That’s my favorite outfit that completely resembles the spirit of Paris. So who says Paris can’t be transferred to where you are? Let’s just say this way – the sense of elegance that brings this outfit with you is absolutely Parisian wherever you are, so this time we will say that Paris is where you are and of course your sense of Parisian style at that moment.

Ok, of course it is better that this was shooted in Paris, but since I conveyed the Parisian spirit in Belgrade, I hope I brought the city of love a little closer to your city. You will tell me if I helped you a little in that.
It’s very simple when I think better. The important thing is the red details – the red manicure, the red lipstick, and of course the red lacquered square shaped bag that is my favorite these days. Ah, this bag… She goes very well with everything, because somehow it refreshes the whole look, so you will see it in one of the following blog posts that I will share with you, but once again in this gallery where I complited it with the cool outfit I mentioned to you at the beginning.

When the details are finished, which are actually the most important here, we move on to the dress on one shoulder with the ruffle on the sleeve and along the hem of the dress, which is perfect for the summer, spring, because it is of a material that beautifully fits the body and gives a special fluttering . Of course, polka dots as the design of the dress gives a special emphasis to the dress and the comfort that we are in a Parisian mood with the combined pumps and the whole look is done.

With a pair of accessories such as sunnies and the belt that’s there to highlight the waistline, the whole look is complete and you’ve become a real lady from Paris streets.
I just can’t wait to hear the impressions and you can let know if you like this thematic outfits that carries the spirit of some European or other city and I’ll do this type of a post every month.

We will remain in the domains of elegance, so we move from Paris to Belgrade, where we have one great elegant street style look for every day and every leisurely walk.
Oh, yeah- an absolute hit this season, I believe you are already familiar with it, mules with a square shape. I adore them! This trend was launched last year and continues this season and is an absolute must-have if you are a stylish girl. I have them in several different designs and colors and I repeat again- I love love love them.
The whole look is in beige shifting tones. Cotton turtleneck dress that is very warm and comfortable to wear. You can wear it in more elegant variants, like I do now, or absolutely urban, cool or casual. It depends on your mood, of course, but it is very important that it is very wearable and quite customized. I have fitted it in a way that is more elegant with a chain belt that emphasizes the waist, and of course one of my favorite bags when it comes to the handbag collection. I love the shape of this bag and it is very useful because it can fit a lot, as well as its gold chain that adorns the look of the bag. It’s white, so I wear it often because it fits many outfits and I can combine it often. Sunnies are also one of the accessories that give the seal a whole look and adorn the outfit finish.

And last but not least, the cool version for every day, maybe business brief meeting, finishing town commitments or just relaxing in a coffee shop with your favorite music. Well, I tried my best to give you an atmosphere where you could bring just such a cool outfit. A set of two pieces a belt jacket and a cycling bike in the same beige color that seems to be prevalent today in this post. Basically, not to leave much of the topic, because when I start writing it that way, there is no end. Haha! Therefore, the beige color is in the forefront here too, and one cool jacket with a super cool belt that has a plastic black clip. And to all that of course my favorite boots ever ever! I don’t think I’ll ever stop wearing it, because I absolutely go crazy for them this winter, so I hope you will understand if you continue to see them in many of my next posts or the following winter and once again the following winter, and again…

Okaaaay, I’ll stop now. So, they fit perfectly with this outfit and somehow make it really powerful, actually a lot more cool, right? And here is my red bag again, which is certainly currently my favorite red bag from my handbag collection. The bag made a good impression on the whole look and refreshed it, so the look with urban sunnies and a red bag as an accessory is complete.

So glad if so many of you responded to this post. I’ll be happy to share more.


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