Pinya de Rosa

Hello everyone! I’ m here again with a new story and we are still in Spain. We will not be moving from Spain, at least for now, because I have a gallery for you that is really interesting.

It’s not the beach, it’s not Barcelona, ​​but it’s a very interesting destination: Pinya de Rosa. It is a botanical garden where different types of cacti grow. I don’t know how much you love these plants, but let’s just say that if you don’t get close to them, then you can admire them from afar.

Otherwise, it was very warm that day. The name of place is Blanes, and I have to admit that the temperature was so hard that I didn’t stay in that place too long, though of course I arrived to see everything in that botanical garden. Of course, I made some interesting photos too, so I hope you like the gallery.

Pinya de Rosa was created by Dr. Industrial Engineer Fernando Riviere de Caralt who bought the farm where it is located in 1945, making plantations of plant type species, never hybridization, which he obtained from other private collections, botanists, or own nature. The place is very special. Let me know how you like swimwear. I would say that it fits in perfectly with the whole green space.

See you soon!


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Summer ’19
Pinya de Rosa