Plaid obsession

If you follow me on Instagram you have to know how excited I am about this trend for a moment. As you see it is an oversized fit plaid dress and I have to say hello oversized fit clothes because I am really obsessed with this chic trend.

What is good is that this trend fits perfectly into one more, and these are white accessories. When you incorporate such two trends, your combination looks like a complete hit. I also suggest this plaid dress (or any plaid piece you have) with white ankle boots. The perfect combination of colors that really takes away the breath. In one of the following posts, I will show you how white color is the refreshment with this kind of look. For now, I have decided for black boots that also complement the look in them own special way.

This plaid dress is very practical for various combinations of shoes, jackets, bags and other accessories depending on your mood. Today I am in the mood of high Egoofficial boots, so this whole combination has a touch of elegance given to her by boots. How can I forget to mention a pair of patterned nylon? They are so stylish and I try to fit them into combinations whenever they allow it to me. I mean you notice how this plaid trend fits well on various occasions. In particular, this was a city hike, but also a business meeting or dinner with friends can be an opportunity to wear such a piece. In a way, she is well versed in everything and I don’t think you would make a mistake if you decide to make a place for this piece in your wardrobe.

I am leaving you now guys, I hope that these tips have been helped and you will use them on some occasions. See you soon!



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