Rely on fur

Quick hello everyone! I will be pretty specific, so I would like to go immediately to the present outfit. I would say that I am in my element today.

As the black tones in this look are predominantly dominant, the olive green roll has brought a refreshing note. Otherwise, olive color is one of my favorites and I think it perfectly fits with the color of my hair. But let’s get back to the topic. So, olive green roll and this so interesting bag that made the entire outfit a real hit. Black jeans are something that every one of us has in his wardrobe, so I will not pay much attention to them, except that I will say that I love high-waisted jeans and I believe you already know that if you read my blog so far. They so nicely pull out the figure and fit nicely with any pieces of clothes and shoes.

Beauty has so many forms, and I think the most beautiful thing is confidence and loving yourself.

Since this morning it was cold in Belgrade, literally, I can not wait to come spring, I think that the fur is just called me to take it to today’s outfit. I wear almost all of my favorites this season. I could not omit the black lacquered ankle boots that again gave a special look to this outfit. In combination with fur, this outfit looks more like a casual chic.

It’s always good, if you carry mostly black pieces at a given moment, make a drastic contrast with some color or design, as I do with this bag now. I love very much black color and I think black is a color that can never leave the runway. In addition to bags and boots that are absolutely hit, fur is something that makes you look at the same time cozy, but it gives a particularly elegant and solemn tone. With this fur, the entire outfit additionally comes to terms.

See you next time with some other examples and tips.


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