Summer ’19

Hello everyone! I’m writing to you again and honestly I could not wait. If you’ve read the previous blog post, you know that I promised to share some holiday moments with you.

I have so much to share with you, so I will do my best to show you everything, and especially the gallery of vacations that I am particularly looking forward to share with you. This time we are moving to Spain, more precisely Catalonia. I am genuinely thrilled with this place and I adore this people and their country otherwise, because they are very positive and dear people who are full of positive energy and always in a great mood. You will not believe it, but I have not yet met Spaniard, who is frowned upon.

They are always ready to help and guide you to the right address. I will share with you some places I have visited there that have made an impression on me in particular. I’ll split it into two stories from Spain so I can show you everything. I can’t wait to hear your impressions! For the most part, I struggled to see as much as possible and to visit as many different places as possible while I was there, and what was particularly amazing was the clean beaches and the beautiful and clean sea. Ahh … The sea is beautiful! The water is just cold enough to cool you down on warm days, though I could notice that the temperatures were not hellish, which suited me this time

Swimwears and outfits were bright in color, consistent with flight and mood. Favorite colors this summer were pink, red and lemon yellow. Most often I wore these swimwear that further emphasized my tan. What particularly impressed me, in addition to the beautiful and clear sea is Barcelona. Ah, that city! It must be seen and experienced! The city is full of tourists and people who are constantly on the move, and the city is more than inspiring. I visited the main street La Rambla, which is full of locals who offer you interesting products for sale, as well as their market where you can find practically everything you can imagine, which is the largest in Europe.

In addition, I enjoyed the magnificent Camp Nou Stadium and it was impressive to visit the entire stadium where cult matches were held and cult football players played. If you have been able to visit any of these places, then I am sure you know what I am talking about and that is why I am excited to give you an impression of everything. Of course, I won’t forget to mention some of my clothing combinations in Barcelona. In the city I decided to be a classic street style, so I decided to have a dark denim short and a seten top that fit nicely with my hair. Is not it? The sandals I wear are nude, otherwise my favorite trend lately.

The bag is a banner with pieces that fit the shades in the outfit, but what made the outfit special are the earrings that made the impression. Tell me how you like this outfit and where would you wear it? Now, I’m not sure if you would choose this outfit to visit and look around the Camp Nou, but I have to admit that this outfit was decided quite spontaneously and a little more in a hurry, but I love it! You know the snake trend is still up-to-date, though I foresee a slight forget about it, at least for the time being, I didn’t resist this set. Color, model and cut! I love this set that stands out very well and expresses your curves. Of course, you can also wear it in evening editions, in addition to the daily look, as well as different footwear that could change the whole look and show it in a different light. I again decided for nude sandals that went unnoticed, as the set made the biggest impression on design and cut. I hope you like it, so write to me how you feel and which street style do you like the most?

Another question: how do you like the zebra animal print that is slowly coming back? Would you like to see me in this? This was a digression, but when it came to animal print…

Everything I visited and saw in Barcelona (especially the Sagrada Familia) left a strong impression on me, a particularly magnificent, breathless cathedral that I would love to see again and visit. Write me your impressions! I can’t wait to read them.


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