Vintage fashion trend

Hi guys! Another spring January day! I’m so happy when it’s such wonderful weather because I get the inspiration to get outfits. Otherwise, January took so much, I just can not wait to finish! I have the impression that today 74th January is how long it takes.

We were not lucky that January is so wonderful constantly because it was mostly cold. Today, I wanted to have the outfit different, so I tailored the outfit to the 70s style fashion trends. How do you like the vintage fashion trend? How often do you wear vintage trends? For today’s outfit, I decided to wear a dress that is very classy and easy to fit

I can wear it with sandals, flats, boots as it is now. Otherwise, I love these boots! Revolve boots are one of my favorites at the moment and I combine them very often. They are not for the warm weather, I have to emphasize this, but for the spring, summer or autumn combinations are perfect.

I wear them with skirts, mostly dresses, but you can wear them with jeans. I mostly carry skirts and dresses, I feel more beautiful, but I also wear jeans, trousers when I feel the desire. The cap is here as the main accessory and fits nicely with the outfit. Write to me in a comment on how you like today’s outfit. Also, I would like to hear from you how you like Revolve Boots? It’s in question, as you can see, a model similar to Chanel. They are very comfortable, I love to wear them!

In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic.

When it comes to vintage trends, I like to combine them often if they fit my style. Let’s say, the ’70s style’ is something I’d like to wear. For a daytime, dinner, walk, you can wear this outfit on different occasions. Write to me also what is your favorite vintage style and why? As I said, I don’t have a specific one to whom I’m coming back, but if I can adjust my style, then I’ll definitely do it. See you soon with new stories!

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Vintage fashion trend