Warm winter looks

It’s December and we are all euphoric about the coming holidays. I’m very excited, and I believe you’re too, because this is the most beautiful part of the year.

I can’t wait to share with you some winter outfits in the coming period, and now we have 4 outfits in the galleries that are warm, although they may not look like that at first glance, but I admit that they are not adequate for the coldest winter. In the previous period I have traveled a lot and did not get too devoted to writing a blog, which is why I’m really sorry, but I will try to make up for it in some of the following posts where I will share with you impressions from Italy and Slovenia, but also Switzerland where I am really had a great time and enjoyed being a real tourist every time. Until then, I will share with you my outfits that are now just as good for the not so cold winter December days in Belgrade. I have to admit that we are still lucky, because the real cold winter has not arrived yet, because if it was just such a winter, I believe that I would not be able to wear all these outfis, walk around the city in light winter outfits, though I will tell you that I was pretty much drowned, though it doesn’t seem that way. And no, I’m not trying to get out, it’s really like that.

Now is the time to move more specifically to my suggestions for winter Christmas days.
I don’t know if you will go somewhere for a vacation during the winter, but if you decide to take a walk somewhere, in some beautifully decorated metropolis for the winter days, some of these outfits will serve you perfectly, I hope.

The first outfit is more chic and you can wear it on a variety of street style occasions. The coat is classic black, a classic cut that is a must have every winter season. In addition, the coat combines a glittering knee-length dress and deep boots that fit perfectly with this outfit from Femme Luxe.
In the end the cap is there as the main accessory and chic-fashion outfit is over.
The second outfit is one of my favorite tops right now that you can combine with many things and it is very practical so you won’t go wrong if you have one like this in your wardrobe.
You can combine it with jeans, a skirt, shorts, with any of the bottoms and it will look great because it is very fitting. I decided for jeans and cowboy short white boots that gave chic fashion look this outfit. The next outfit is my favorite from this gallery. It is a black faux leather dress which is also easily fitted, because as you can see, I wear it here with a wide sleeved jumper, but you can also fit it with more elegant variants, night out and some special occasions.

I adapted it for a street style that exudes Paris style. The main accessories is a beret that completed this look. The last but not least important combination is absolute fuzzy pink. The dress is very glittery and under the bright sun you would be in the forefront of this dress. I adjusted it again on cold winter days so that the accessories coat with faux fur and white socks as a leitmotif, white socks gave accent to the legs, but further enhanced the intensity of the dress so that the complete outfit in fuzzy pink colors complemented by white socks as a good balance. In addition to being cold outside, they were a good fit for this dress so they fit perfectly. Let me know how you like outfits? I hope you get the idea for some of the next winter outfits if you want to look fashionable in the winter days too. Which one is your favorite outfits in this gallery?

I already told you which outfit I prefer. I can’t wait to see you again with new ideas for some of the upcoming winter releases.
See ya soon! x


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Warm winter looks