Welcome back puffer jacket

Hello everyone! A happy weekend is ahead of us and I hope you are as excited as I am, but there is another reason for my excitement and this is the return of the puffer jackets this fall/winter season!

That’s why I decided today for a casual go-to combination that, with the puffer jacket, got a completely chic look and helped it drown, to be honest, on today’s cold day. I will not be frozen finally during the cold days. Yeey! So I styled pale blue jacket with high waist black jeans and my favorite sweater at this moment. I decided for pastel blue color for my puffer, so it would be two hits in one trend because the pastel colors will become something that you will see like fashionista’s must have this season will spring/summer. And of course, I don’t t have to tell you how much I like these boots I currently wear with this whole look.

Okaay, I know that some people will not be like this re-trend, but what is different is that we can finally put them on the fashion line. In the ’90s and 2000s, they were part of our everyday clothes, but you will agree that at that time they didn’t look to us as cool as today. I mean they were something like the anti-fashion and I remember that my mom dressed me that jacket when it was very, very cold outside and after a little over 2 decades, they are back here, but this time they have fashion status. Thanks to many well-known brands that have included these in their trend, many fashionistas have begun to pay attention to the puffer jackets and to countless chic combinations.

I think this is my favorite casual look for winter days because today’s look is a combination of all my favorite pieces. Love that so much! You can freely write to me which ones are your favorite winter chics and how you like the puffer trend. Now gotta go, see you soon lovelies!


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Welcome back puffer jacket