White magic!

And finally snow in Belgrade! But not the snow we were used to in the city, Belgrade already became a snowy mountain for a moment. That day, when I got up, I saw how much snow was attacking and there was a real kids instinct to quickly get ready and get out of the snow.

I wear my favorite boots, I hope you will not be bored as many of them see in my posts, and the absolute trend of this season sporty trousers. When everything fits with a contrasting bag, it’s a good casual combination that looks fashionable and snowy. Given that the snow has fallen a lot, the finishing touch was a hat that made the snowy combination look stylish. Believe me, I did not freeze on that day, even though I tried to make the whole look more fashionable.

The next day there was no more snowing, but the snow was still so much, as if you were tempted to climb into it, you play as a child. But I was thinking about what sweet outfit and I decided that the look of the snowflake is ideal for white magic. A cap as finally touch and fun little cross-body bag.

As you can see, two outfits appear in my post, both look pretty-much cozy in accordance with the snow recorded by the city. And for a moment I really felt like I was a girl who wanted to play in the snow. The first day I resolved to be warm up because the snow continued to fall, so I decided to wear a coat and decorate it with a long, but very warm, fancy dressing scarf. For today’s snow outfit I decided to look sporty chic.

It must get you into the eye of the pizza and the bottle of the coke that I hold on one of the pictures. I thought it would be a good idea to present two perfect fast food junctions, unfortunately not so healthy, but who can resist the pizza? What I thought was that both compounds were acceptable in both the warmest and the coldest days, and so it seemed like a good idea that one of the winter pictures as a decoration had the coke and pizza.

What I would like to note, although the combination of these two tastes is wonderful, is that you should rarely eat these two pleasures if you take care of the weight, but everyone will understand you if you cannot resist them. I will miss the cold days and the wonderful snow that made the city look great for a moment, but I still love more the summer. I hope that I have helped you to some extent if you miss the idea of a warm, yet unavoidable fashion moment in your winter outfits. See you soon guys!


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